The following links appear in the thesis: Een's ZZ framework. Biere's AIGER 1.9 toolset. Model Checking Competition 2007. Model Checking Competition 2011. Model Checking Competition 2012. Biere's Lingeling SAT-solver.
http://www.circuitlab.comCircuitLab online schematic editor & circuit simulator. Competition 2013.
http://www.satcompetition.orgAnnual SAT competitions/races/challenges.
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Reference [BST10] - Clark Barrett, Aaron Stump, and Cesare Tinelli. The SMT-LIB standard version 2.0, 2010.
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Reference [Wie13] - Siert Wieringa. Some notes on model rotation, 2013.
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Reference [ES05] - Niklas Eén and Niklas Sörensson. MiniSat v1.13 - A SAT Solver with Conflict Clause Minimization, 2005. [KSSS13] - George Katsirelos, Ashish Sabharwal, Horst Samulowitz, and Laurent Simon. Resolution and Parallelizability: Barriers to the Efficient Parallelization of SAT Solvers, 2013.

The following links are also relevant:
http://www.minisat.seMiniSAT solver's official page (e.g. MiniSAT release 2.2.0). Sörensson's latest code (e.g. TIP and MiniSAT >2.2.0). Mishchenko's latest code (e.g. ABC). latest code (e.g. Tarmo, MiniRed, and GlucoRed). home page at Aalto University. iCNF file format. MiniUnsat MUS finder versions 1&2. for Publication II (hyperactive variable visualizations). and Conquer Software (Publication III).
http://alleg.sourceforge.netAllegro5 game programming library (used for visualizations).